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Rockin' Rally-O

This class is focused on the wonderful world of AKC Rally. Rally training is an excellent project for sport newbies and seasoned trainers alike. We will focus extensively on heelwork, positions, control, drive & enthusiasm, and proofing for competition environments. This class is appropriate for dogs with a basic set of skills, those with extensive foundations ready to put the pieces together, as well as teams who have started competing but are looking to up their game.

akc rally obedience ribbon dog blue heeler

What's Included


  • A comprehensive curriculum on AKC Rally, from foundation skills to trial prep

  • 3 hours and 12 minutes total of prerecorded webinars, organized into 10 comprehensive levels of instruction and homework exercises

  • An introductory zoom call with the instructor to plan your training schedule

  • 50% off of private lessons for 1 month after the course is purchased

Price: $60 

akc rally obedience competition blue heeler dog

Student Spotlight!

newfoudland dog

Team Lauren and Luna were the first to complete the Rockin Rally-O course with coaching in full. They quickly earned their AKC Rally Novice title, with scores of all 90+ out of 100, and their Rally Intermediate title came shortly after. This team isn't done yet, but I'm already so proud of them!

Team Ruth and Waco earned their CARO Rally Advanced title after completing the Rockin Rally-O course with coaching in full. They received scores of 199, 198, and 190 out of 200. Ruth says, "We sure wouldn't have got this far without you. Your training methods were a massive tectonic shift for me." You can watch one of their runs here!

rally obedience trial hound dog
akc rally obedience german shepherd

Team Emma and Modoc started their competition obedience journey with the Rockin' Rally-O course and earned their AKC Rally Novice title with scores of 100, 98, and 99 out of 100. Emma says the program, "really helped us break down all of the little pieces we needed to make this a success!" You can watch one of their runs here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is Rally-O?


It’s a dog sport! Check out the AKC’s website (click) for more information.


Is this class 100% online? 


Yes, this class is all online. We utilize webinars, written instruction, video calls, and discussion forums where questions and video homework are posted. 


What format is the curriculum? 


You can choose to read the curriculum or watch it in webinar form. Both options include the exact same content and video examples. 


How long will it take me to finish the curriculum? 


The curriculum is currently 10 chapters. How long it takes you to finish depends on what skills you enter the class with, how much time you dedicate to training, and what kind of competition goals you have. Of course, it also depends on what pace you and your dog are ready to learn at! Some people may join for one month to get the extra coaching they need in order to start competing. Others may start from scratch and take their time enjoying the process of learning. 


Do I have to be tech-savvy to do this class? 


This class is designed to be user-friendly. Basic computer skills should carry you far. Using my website, posting on a forum, and uploading videos are the skills you will use for this class. 


How much homework will there be?


Since this is a mixed-level group, it is up to you to decide what exercises you want feedback on.  


What if I want to do Rally, but not through the AKC? 


The curriculum is based around the American Kennel Club’s Rally program. Please inform the instructor if you intend to compete in a venue other than the AKC. In this event, you will be encouraged to do independent research about the rules and signs for your preferred venue.


How do I know if this class is right for me? 


If you’ve read this whole page and still have questions, please feel free to reach out with our contact form (click) or by emailing

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